Acrylic Risers

We manufacture and stock a range of shelf risers for various shelving systems.

Made from high impact acrylic, bespoke sizes and types made to order

Plastic Extruded Risers

Made from high impact UPVC

Designed to fit TEGO and CAEM type shelving systems

  • Tego Riser

    Ref 1344

    34mm x 6mm Wide

  • Caem Riser

    Ref 1217 40mm x 6mm Wide

    Ref 1218 60mm x 6mm Wide

Tego Shelving Shelf Riser And Divider System

Injection moulded shelf risers and dividers

Made from high impact plastic

  • Tego PSP Toothed Riser's

    Available in the following sizes:

    665mm x 75mm

    1000mm x 75mm

    1250mm x 75mm

    1330mm x 75mm

  • Tego PSP Divider Plain

    Available in the following sizes:

    200mm x 75mm

    250mm x 75mm

    300mm x 75mm

    370mm x 75mm

    470mm x 75mm

    570mm x 75mm

  • Tego PSP Sub Dividers

    Available in the following sizes:

    84mm x 75mm

    168mm x 75mm

Binning System & Accessories

Made from high impact plastic

To be used with 5mm thick acrylic

  • TEGO Clips

    For use with TEGO / RADFORD Shelving

  • Cross - Clips

    Attach your units together with the 4-way clip.

    Size 42mm W x 42mm D x 22mm H

  • T-Clips

    Create junctions with the T-Clip.

    Size 39mm W x 29mm D x 22mm H

  • L-Clips

    For creating corners.

    Size 26mm W x 26mm D x 22mm H