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Shelf Talkers - Shelf Barkers

Our shelf talkers (also known as shelf barkers) are designed to compliment your promotions by maximising space available on your shelving. All of our shelf talkers are designed for a standard 39mm label depth.

Several different designs of Shelf Talkers are available as standard, but all can be completely customised with different sizes, colours and can be screen printed to add maximum impact to your promotions.

Extruded Hinged Barker
3 Bend Barker
Printed Barker "Sale"
Printed Barker "Reduced To Clear"
Printed Barker "Half Price Or Less"
Printed Barker "Special Offer"
Printed Barker "Promotion"

Shelf Talkers are also available with a hinge to allow your customers access to products surrounding the promotion, but allowing a large area to display information or offers.

The advantage of having a hinged shelf talker for promotions is to allow customers access to on shelf products without damaging or dislodging on shelf promotions. By having a hinge the shelf talker can simply be lifted by the customer allowing it to spring back into position.

Made from extruded PVC plastic, shelf talkers will clip onto data strip or a label holder. Easy to re position, shelf talkers are ideal for on shelf promotions

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Shelf Talkers are designed to promote products, display prices or provide more information to customers.

They are ideal for highlighting on shelf promotions whether this is for discounted prices or linked products for discounts, shelf talkers are designed to increase in store sales.

Extruded PVC Barkers (Click to enlarge)